Illustration Commissions

Let's bring your idea into the world together. 


walf lores.jpg


Refined, energetic, classical. Make an impression with acrylic, watercolor, or a combination thereof. 

Prices start at $150



Popular, colorful and versatile. Airbrush and colored pencil techniques add texture and personality to marker pieces. 

Prices start at $150

furry road 7.jpg

Ink and graphite

Stark, dynamic and academic. 

Prices start at $75

Pin Up Commissions

Full body, full color renderings of one of more characters. 

Prices start at $95. 

Illustration Commissions

Similar to pin-up commissions, with the extra flourish of a fully rendered environment. 

Prices start at $175. 


Wearable custom pieces of art. Delivered laminated for protection,
with a punched hole for easy wearing. 

Quick Sketchy Badge

A budget option for cash-conscious clients. 

Prices start at $35

lion tho.jpg

Wacky Surprise Badge

Every badge a surprise! Also known as the artistic freedom badge, the medium and style are completely at the artist's discretion. 

Prices start at $60


Full Color Badge

The all-around classic badge. Rendered in ink and Copic marker with colored pencil details, this option is available as a bust or full body. 

Prices start at $60.