Weekly Rentals


Weekly Rentals

A brand new custom commission, every weekday, delivered to your inbox.
Here's how. 


What You Get

The base price of $75 per weekday covers one character, rendered digitally, with a minimal background. 

Additional options include : 

  • Extra Character(s) : +$50 per character per day, limit 3 total characters per day
  • Backgrounds : +$50+ per day, depending on complexity
  • Traditional Media : +$60 for 8"x10" or +$45 for 6"x8". Your choice of marker, colored pencil, airbrush, acrylic, watercolor, inkwash or mixed media. Inquire for different sizes.
  • Everything else : Just ask!
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How This works

  1. Send me an email with which week(s) you'd like to rent. By sending me your request, you have stated that you have read the following rules and agree to abide by them. 
  2.  A non-refundable fee of $100 per week is due when a week is agreed upon. This confirms your reservation. 
  3. At least two weeks before your week begins, send me an email with a description of what you'd like to see each day, with appropriate visual references. If I do not receive all five ideas and payment in full by the Sunday before your week begins, your week is forfeit. 

  4. Your week begins! For five days in a row I will email you the high and low resolution versions of your image, as well as post the low resolution image on my online galleries. Due to the nature of these commissions, I cannot send preview sketches for approval, or make edits on work after it's completed for any reason. Minor edits can be requested and may or may not be fulfilled at my discretion.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What weeks are available for rental?
    Click here for a calendar. 
  • Can I pay in installments? 
    Yes! When paying in installments, your $100 deposit will be considered your first payment. Payments can be either biweekly or monthly, and the amount per payment is negotiable. Late payments will incur a 7% late fee per day. Your entire week must be paid off in full before your week begins. 
  • Can I rent for more than one week?
    Absolutely! The only limit to how many weeks you can rent are the weeks I have available
  • If I commission traditional works, will I receive the originals? 
    Of course! I'll ship all of your originals once your week is over. 
  • Will you sell prints of my commissions? 
    It depends. If you do not want me to sell prints of your commissions, let me know up front and it won't happen. However, I do retain full rights to the work, which leads me to...
  • Can I sell my commission or use the commissioned artwork to make money for myself? 
    As is the case with all commissions, I retain the full and complete rights to the artwork. This means the client can not use the artwork for any purpose which results in financial gain. If you would like to purchase the rights to the work, I am more than happy to discuss this.